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Watch an M&M Become Danny DeVito in Candy's Super Bowl Spot

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M&Ms is the latest brand to release its Super Bowl spot ahead of Sunday's massive TV airing.

The 30-second ad, created by BBDO New York for the first quarter of the game, opens with the red and brown M&Ms "spokescandies" are walking down the block. Red complains to Brown about how people keep trying to eat him. Then Red picks up a lucky penny and says he wishes to be human. Poof.

The human form of the red M&M, to no one's surprise because M&Ms already teased the spot, is Danny DeVito. No one wants to eat him, which makes him happy until he walks into a busy city street and events take a turn toward comedic violence, as often happens at the end of Super Bowl ads.

DeVito isn't the only person people might recognize. The ad also features the voice of Vanessa Williams as the brown M&M. And, in an apparent bid to appeal to the youth, one of the people DeVito approaches on the street to ask whether he wants to eat him is YouTube star Todrick Hall.

The ad, "Human," is the Mars brand's first appearance during the Super Bowl after a three-year hiatus.

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